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Hybrid Cars The Future of Cars Is Finally Here

With gasoline prices at an all time high and is still continuing to go up then pair it with a poorly performing economy, we can never really be surprised on why people are now selling their cars or even trading it in with a new type of car that promises better gasoline mileage. These cool shapes of cars have the name of hybrid cars.

It may sound like a car straight from a sci-fi movie, but it really isn't. The future of cars is now here. Although it is still in its infancy, hybrid vehicles can provide you with big savings than using a conventional car.

Basically, the most common hybrid vehicles available today are cars that use multiple propulsion systems, which are gasoline and electricity. Although there are also research in using ethanol or plant based oils as fuel, electricity and gasoline combination for propulsion is already being used in the road.

The history of hybrid cars is how long the inventors didn't wake up and find ways to switch from steam-powered cars to electric cars. However, it was in the late twentieth century that car companies saw the potential of electricity-powered vehicles to be bought and used by the masses.

The very first hybrid vehicle produced were ones that were needed to be plugged in to an electric outlet to recharge the battery. This proved to be inconvenient and only enjoyed brief popularity. Lately, thanks to the advancement of technology, scientists have found a way to harness the wasted energy on braking and deceleration and convert it to electrical energy that is now used to charge the battery.

Battery technology also advanced a lot. It is much lighter and smaller than in the past and it is also more powerful.

Hybrid cars work by using gasoline and electric energy to get the vehicles in motion. Depending on the driving situation you are in, hybrid cars can use either the electric motor or the gasoline engine to provide propulsion for the car. For example, if the car is running in slow speed, the onboard computer will be able to switch off the gasoline engine and let the electric motor do the job of setting the car in motion. There are also cars that use either engines or motors at the same time. Because both motors and engines are working, it will mean that the car will need less gas for propulsion.

To charge the batteries in order to provide electrical energy for the electric motor, the kinetic energy produced by the gasoline engine is converted to electrical energy that is used for charging the batteries.

As you can see, you will be able to save gasoline with hybrid cars as it will need less gasoline for propulsion.

Hybrid vehicles today also have smaller gasoline engine. This means better gas mileage and also less greenhouse gas emission. You will not only save money on gas, but you will also contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Moreover, hybrid vehicles are designed with a sleek aerodynamic body that will reduce drag for better efficiency. Also, most hybrid vehicles are constructed with state-of-the-art lightweight materials for more efficiency.

So, if you ever want a car that can provide you with big savings on gasoline and you also want to contribute to a pollution free environment, you may want to sell our conventional car and switch to hybrid cars. Although it is much more expensive than conventional cars, you have to consider the fact that in the long run, you will save more money with hybrid vehicles than conventional cars.