Banking careers on linkedin careers pages | Banque du Caire jobs

 Banking careers on linkedin careers pages | Banque du Caire jobs 

About Banque du Caire

  • Banque du Caire serves customers, businesses, and institutions with a range of financial products and services including internet banking, retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, investment banking, private banking, asset management, global markets and treasury.
  • Founded in 1952, Banque du Caire is one of Egypt’s oldest and largest banks. a multi-award winning, full-service bank that provides a complete array of products & services to the retail and corporate markets.
  • Offering clients a full suite of personalized retail and corporate banking products & services.the bank has been able to leverage its extensive distribution network spanning the entirety of Egypt.
  • It is renowned in the market for pioneering an institutionalized micro-finance operation. spearheading a push for financial inclusion, community development.and entrepreneurial empowerment long before others in the industry. Its long-standing presence in the Egyptian market has seen it back economic growth for decades.
  • The bank continues to grow and evolve as part and parcel of its strategy to adapt dynamically to market shifts & customer needs. by adding new products and more services to its already vast array of financial solutions in the retail and corporate segments.
  • In 2018, to complement its corporate banking activities and benefit from synergies across its activities and lines of business. Banque du Caire launched a corporate leasing venture Cairo Leasing Corporation (CLC). which has already positioned itself as a leader in the Egyptian leasing sector. BdC also offers exclusive access to COMESA markets through its Ugandan subsidiary, Cairo International Bank (CIB) Uganda.
  • In today’s digital-centric world. BdC has implemented online banking services offering features. that conduct customers to manage transactions with great ease through the website and mobile banking application as well as the Qahera Cash wallet.

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Banking careers on linkedin career pages | Banque du Caire jobs

Banque du Caire announces a new job through its linkedin careers pages

SMEs Credit Risk Team Leader

Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Set Clear goals for the team and team members aligned with BdC strategy.
  •  Motivate, drive and execute performance of the team guaranteeing the achievement of the goals.
  •  Plan and prioritize the workload of the team to deliver tasks against agreed deadline.
  • Communicate with SME Business team to discuss cases and coordinate with them.
  • Build professional relationship with work partners. Investigation, Enterprise Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Credit Admin, Documentation and Business teams.
  •  Verify the accuracy of the on hand documents and financial figures double-checking in addition to the auditor credentials.
  • Identify the purpose of the proposed loan and the eligibility to the CBE initiatives.
  •  Review on financial statements spread over the Moody’s system.
  •  Financial analysis to cover the profitability trends, liquidity, solvency and cash flow addition to the projections for long term loans.
  •  Analyze proposed credit applications against industry concentration.and purpose of finance after calculating the financial need.
  •  Permeant updates over the market news and governmental regulations.
  • Pass the daily transactions in respect of the credit approval, CBE regulations and BdC policy.
  •  Determine the different risks and ensure that they are all covered, mitigated and controlled.
  •  Assess the quality of the collateral offered.
  •  Review the recommendations over the facilities applications.
  • Define all the requested exceptions in terms of pricing or commissions. and the proper credit risk committee depending on the amount of the requested facility and rating.
  • Respect the set turnaround time for each credit application along with accurate credit recommendation.
  • Follow up over the expired cases. turnover conditions, breached covenants, expired documents, past dues, shortfalls and deviations.
  • Any other duties as assigned to the Job holder within your capability.

Job Requirements

• Minimum 5 year experience in a Bank in Credit Risk Assessment.
• Excellent communication and leadership skills. ability to influence external and internal stakeholders.
• Analytical skills: Capable of balance sheet, P&L & Trend analysis.
• Credit Course is a Must from a reputable institute.
• Ability to Write/Review recommendations in Arabic language.
• Graduated with minimum grade Good.

For more details through the bank’s linkedin jobs page 
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