Banking Jobs in Egypt 2021 | Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Jobs

Banking Jobs in Egypt 2021 | Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Jobs

About Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

  • ADIB BANK serves customers, businesses, and institutions with a range of financial products and services including internet banking, retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, investment banking, private banking, asset management, global markets and treasury.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Egypt is an award-winning economic crew that commenced its operations in Egypt after the acquisition of the National Bank for Development (NBD). through the Emirati consortium between Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC) in 2007.
  • As location of its method to be a most important usually going on Islamic financial crew in Egypt. the Bank focuses on imparting a large spectrum of Shari’a compliant banking solutions, to cater to the needs of employer and retail customers. the enchancment of a state-of-the art work infrastructure, and revamping its 70 department network.
  • Aiming at integrating its services. the Bank set up an Investment Banking arm, ADIB Capital Egypt, and a leasing company, ADILease.
  • Following the acquisition. the paid-up capital accelerated nearly seven-fold from EGP 281mn to EGP 2bn and EGP 4bn licensed capital. ADIB Egypt posted EGP 237mn internet earnings furnish up of 2014. which represents a 130% amplify in big difference to the equal dimension of 2013.
  • ADIB Egypt succeeded in organising a retail and business enterprise platform to enterprise the shoppers in one-of-a-kind segments and grant the essential selections of quick and long-term finance. All these measures enabled the Bank to gather a great base portfolio of foremost shut via and world agencies going for walks in the Egyptian market.
  • In addition to the asset and liabilities merchandise and treasury picks all delivered thru purchaser centric teams. ADIB Egypt employs a dynamic crew of over 2,000 specialists imparting a developing portfolio of Shari’a compliant merchandise. and options via the utilization of a stimulating work surroundings for crew of personnel for the length of its nationwide regional of 70 branches. and forty microfinance units.

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Banking Jobs in Egypt 2021 | Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Jobs

ADIB Bank announces a new job through its linkedin jobs in Egypt page

Credit Operations Officer/Senior Officer

Job responsibilities

  • Control Booking of contracts. disbursement of funds , reschedules and settlements till pay-off.
  • Authorize indirect facilities granted to corporate and retail customers.
  • Manage the implementation of CA terms and conditions as well as disbursement conditions related to import & export contracts. supply / purchase orders and Islamic contracts terms.
  • Monitor customers checks portfolio ( Guarantee & PDC’s ) according to risk conditions and control related concentrated ratios.
  • Handle borrowing and transactional documents related to business banking and fully secured indirect facilities.
  • Report clients PO & contracts status & calculate related D/P on weekly basis to CR. Admin to adjust client commitment limit accordingly.
  • Report and calculate clients PDC portfolio D/P to credit admin end of each week to adjust client commitment limit accordingly.
  • Close monitor of bank income generating from the financial products by applying CA right profit rate and ensure profit payment on the due date. and reporting to risk unpaid clients profit on monthly basis.
  • Close monitor to the wholesales financing products GLs & reconcile them with the customers actual exposure on monthly basis. while rectify any differences if any.
  • Calculate as a manager Syndication for payment / drawdown per each bank and send breakdown to Agency team to take necessary action.
  • Review calculation sheet for Ijara tri-parity Contracts before send it to Adi-lease team in order to take necessary action.
  • Review with Mudarba revolving turn over for as per CA condition before send it to risk and RM.
  • Running and review past Due Mudarba FX temporary weekly for Corporate segments then send it to FI and Treasury teams take necessary action.
  • Ensure that CA conditions related to Credit ops had been reported to Risk end of each month.
  • Follow up on contract with zero balance till be settled and report it to risk and business team on daily base.
  • Implement the creation of back up for each department function , through Cross training and Job rotation.
  • Coaching credit operation junior staff till being capable to fully handling all credit operation activities on core banking systems and on-going. increasing their knowledge and capability till being a credit operation expat through direct meetings and organized banking external courses. mainly in Islamic products.
  • Ensure abidance to the bank policy. procedures , CBE regulations and SHARIAA approvals.
  • Review daily submitted E-mails through the group and daily review of department requirements. while confirm answering all requests in a correct time frame according to the agreed TAT and approved SLA.
  • Perform the KPI Dashboard by reducing cost per transaction through reducing expenses. and maintaining the under staffing approach as well as investing in junior staff.
  • Complete customer satisfaction by a full adherence to the SLA and TAT with all other departments.
  • Perform all operational aspects with zero risk.
  • confirm the fulfilment of daily tasks with zero defect from all credit Operation staff.
  • Enhance system and operational knowledge to his subordinates.
  • Maintain low risk profile while performing department daily activities by enhancing system tools and keeping the 4 eye principle concept on all risk area within the job functions.
  • Full adherence to the department procedures.
  • Fully compliant to CBE regulations Banking policies and procedures.
  • EFSA rules and regulations.
  • Handling internally department unusual tasks required while control task performance with minimum supervision from department heads.

Job Requirements

  • Banking Operation, Credit operation.
  • 0-6 years of wide banking experience in banking operations
  • Corporate and risk oriented.
  • Has strong knowledge of the Egyptian Banking Market.
  • Fluency in English ( written / spoken ).
  • Excellent supervision and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent computer and banking system knowledge.
  • Ability to work under pressure with multiple tasks.
  • Accurate , alert and well organized.
  • Very strong analytical skills.
  • Understanding SHARIAA standards for corporate finance.
  • Strong background in manage core banking systems deployments and implementation over corporate finance modules.
  • Excellent Managerial , communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Generic Skills.
  • Supervision skills. computer and system skills , Islamic banking and systems implementations.

For more details through the bank’s linkedin jobs in Egypt page

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